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VISION OF SUPER, launched in 2017 by Dario Pozzi, conquers the fashion world thanks to the Flames Tee model. Iconic for the flames on the sleeves, it becomes a must in hip-hop and luxury fashion.

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VISION OF SUPER was born in 2017 from an idea by Dario Pozzi who, thanks to the collaboration with the influencer and social media manager Mirco Bandini, managed to make the brand make a leap in quality by giving it the right hype to conquer the fashion world.
The Flames Tee model, the flagship t-shirt model of the entire line, features two flames on the sleeves on a usually monochromatic base. This model is very popular in the world of rap and trap culture and many endorsements who wear the t-shirt with flames help, with their influence, to increase the brand's awareness.
The model crosses national borders and finds itself, by chance, being worn by international stars and this allows the brand to definitively land in the best luxury boutiques. The flames, which have now become iconic, represent the teen attitude and the closeness to different musical styles such as rock and hip hop but wink at the world of luxury and high fashion.

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