Explore the versatility of Fjällräven Kanken backpacks, born in 1978 for school and now iconic for work, travel and leisure. Discover Swedish design that combines practicality and style.

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FJALLRAVEN is a Swedish outdoor brand, founded in 1978, which focuses on the simplicity and practicality of its products. The logo symbolizes an arctic fox. The goal of Fjällräven is to allow greater freedom of movement, reduce weight as much as possible.
The materials used respect nature's processes and ensure the resistance and durability of the products.
Kanken, Fjällräven's most classic backpack was introduced in 1978 and immediately became an instant success. The idea was to develop a backpack that had a correct distribution of the weight of school books on the children's backs. Furthermore a detachable cushion has been added so that children can rest on dry ground. Until recently, the backpack was often defined as a simple fabric bag, but over time it has become a very useful and practical "container", indispensable in helping us carry our loads comfortably on our shoulders. Kanken backpacks are specifically designed for daily use, where we can carry notebooks, books, sweatshirts, hats and other accessories. The backpack places up to 90% of the weight on the belts and this explains why it is more useful to carry the weight on the shoulders with a backpack, rather than with the hands.
The backpacks of the Kanken line by the well-known Swedish brand Fjällräven are having enormous global success and the enthusiasm has now taken hold in Italy too. Young and old are fascinated by this backpack, which in addition to comfort also offers usefulness. There are those who use it to go to the office, to school, to the beach or to the gym, there is no occasion where Kanken backpacks cannot be used. They are available in various models and colors, suitable for different occasions, and this is precisely the success of Kanken. Over the years this backpack has been sold to over 3 million people. The Kånken is one of the many classics created by the founder of Fjällräven, Mr. Åke Nordin. In the Danish National Museum the Kånken is exhibited in the exhibition "Clothes throughout history". The name Kånken comes from the word "Kanka", which in Swedish means "to carry".

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