Air Jordan, born in 1984 with Michael Jordan, revolutionized basketball and fashion. Iconic shoes and clothing, from Space Jam to the latest models.

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1984 was the year Michael Jordan joined the NBA with the Chicago Bulls. At that time Nike was experiencing its moment of rise and, although Jordan was just starting out with the NBA, he still decided to put his trust in him and dedicate a brand to him: thus Air Jordan was born. Initially the collaboration consisted of producing a different shoe every year, which Michael Jordan would wear during the matches. What caused a sensation was the difference in the shoes compared to those worn by all the other players, as well as those imposed by the regulations. NBA rules required players to wear shoes with a white base and color references to the team uniforms, while the Air Jordans for MJ were made in black, white and red. The revolution concerned not only the graphics of the shoe but also the technical characteristics, Jordan's basketball sneaker was higher at the ankle, with a leather upper and featured an air chamber placed under the heel to better cushion impacts and therefore improve the performances.
The violation of the regulation cost Michael Jordan a huge fine of five thousand dollars per game, but it also determined the popularity of the brand which from that moment on saw sales increase exponentially. Also thanks to director Spike Lee and the extravagant advertisements he created to sponsor the brand.
Some of the most appreciated and re-proposed models in subsequent years are the Air Jordan XI, born from a specific request from Jordan, who wanted a shoe suitable for basketball but also for more formal occasions, using patent leather. Tinker Hatfield responded in 1995-96 by creating this shoe worn by MJ during Space Jam and in the season that saw him as NBA champion for the fourth time.
Given the success of the shoes, Jordan also expanded the offer to clothing, accessories and gadgets.
The logo, at first, was the Wings Logo and depicted a basketball with wings, which today we only find on the Air Jordan 1, subsequently, in 1985 it evolved into the now very famous Jumpman which depicts MJ holding the basketball as he prepares to dunk. The Jumpman was first used on the Air Jordan III, which was also the first mid-cut model made by Tinker Hatfield.
To date, the brand is one of the most prestigious on the market, known not only for its shoes, but also for its flat visor and curved visor caps with the Jumpman printed or embossed on the front. Among the clothing, however, we find suits consisting of sweatshirt and trousers, sweatshirts with hood or crew neck and tank tops and t-shirts with the Jumpan logo printed in various colours.

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